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Short Programs > Myanmar >  Mandalay >  2 Days Mandalay to Bagan via Monywa and Pakokku

2 Days Mandalay to Bagan via Monywa and Pakokku

From € 315 p.p. 315
Mandalay – Monywa – Pakkoku – Bagan (2 jours / 1 night)
Day 01: Mandalay- Monywa (by car) and sightseeing
From Mandalay, we drive to Monywa, which is about about 3 hours and 135 km northwest of Mandalay and situated on the Chindwin River. It is the major center of agricultural trade in the Chindwin Valley. After reaching Monywa we embark on a short boat ride across the Chindwin River and drive to the fascinating Po Win Taung Caves, a large complex of small sandstone caves containing many Buddha images and interesting wall paintings. On our return to Monywa, re-cross the Chindwin River and enjoy a local trishaw ride to our hotel. Overnight at Win Unity Resort (deluxe garden view)  

Day 02: Monywa sightseeing, drive to Pakokku, Pakokku- Bagan (by boat) and transfer.
In Monywa sightseeing includes the very colorful Thanbuddhay Pagoda; similar to, though smaller, than the famous Brobudur in Indonesia; and Hlaungdawmu Buddha, the second largest reclining Buddha in Myanmar. Then drive south (about 1.5 hours), through the rural countryside. Then we leave by boat to cruise into the old city of Bagan and transfer to your hotel.
From € 315 p.p. 315

2 Days Mandalay to Bagan via Monywa and Pakokku

From € 315 p.p.
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