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Day tours > Vietnam >  Lao Cai/ Sapa >  Private full day trek in Sapa

Private full day trek in Sapa

You can enjoy a light walk deeper into the mountains to explore the way of life of the H’mong and Dzay people in Lao Cai and Ta Van Hamlets. You will go through their villages and traditional houses surrounded by the unspoiled beauty of nature as well as enjoying the hill tribe hospitality before you will return.

Minorities, rice fields and waterfall - 1 day, code W1A  (Lao Chai – Tavan – Giang Ta Chai)

On the way you will learn more about how is the rice cultivating, from when the seed sowed to
harvested, until being served as cooked rice on your dinner table. The trip offers an opportunity to meet
Black Hmong, Giay and Red Dao minorities as well as explore their different cultures.
The day is devoted to a beautiful hike through the breathtaking scenery of Sa Pa valley. Start by road
that descends in the wake of the street Cau May (6 km) En route, admire the rice terraces hidden behind
mist of the morning, a truly awe-inspiring sight.
Follow a small track and cross Muong Hoa River and pass well tended rice terraces on your way to the
Black Hmong village of Lao Chai. Continuing through the colorful rice terraces you will reach the village
of Ta Van Giay. As you continue your trek along the Muong Hoa River you will cross a small suspension
bridge, roughly 2km from the settlement. Here you can discover a fascinating collection of rock carvings.
These engravings depict some beautiful images of man, stilt houses and some beautiful decorative
patterns. We lunch in a home in the village. After lunch the walk continues through a bamboo forest to
Giang Ta Chai, a Red Dao ethnic minority village. After taking a rest nearby a waterfall to refresh, you
start climbing uphill to a road where the car is ready for your journey back to Sapa. 
Approx: 1-hour driving/ 4 hours walking/ 1-hour lunch.

Mountain view to river side - 1 day, code W1E (Cat Cat  – Y Linh Ho – Lao Chai – Tavan)


You will have a trek through beautiful landscape surrounded by rice paddy terraces and mountains
covered by rain forest under the protection of Hoang Lien National Park. Also you will hear about the life
style and tradition of Back Hmong and Giay minorities.
Met up at your hotel in Sapa by local guide and driver and driven to Cat Cat village. After a couple of
minutes, you follow a road going downhill to Cat Cat village. You will stop by a waterfall and a
hydroelectric station for a while before continuing the trek on a dirt trail through rice paddy terraces. You
also will enjoy spectacular scenery while walking along a narrow river. You eventually arrive in Y Linh Ho
village of Black Hmong minority, where you can take a rest while you are served lunch nearby the river.
After lunch, you head toward Muong Hoa valley. You will pass through Lao Chai village of Black Hmong
minority and then Tavan village of Giay minority by following a very popular trekking route. You will
return Sapa from Tavan by car.
Approx: 0,5 hour driving / 5 hours walking / 1 hour lunch.

Private full day trek in Sapa

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