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Hotels > Thailand >  Bangkok >  Pullman Bangkok Hotel G Bangkok

Pullman Bangkok Hotel G Bangkok

The Pullman Bangkok Hotel G in in BANGKOK, is a stylish hotel in the heart of Bangkok's business and entertainment district, offering spectacular panoramic views of the city Centre and Chao Phraya River. Conveniently located near the skytrain, the hotel is the perfect hub for exploring this vibrant metropolis and its cultural activities.

Pullman Bangkok Hotel G embraces edgy, chic decor, personalized service as well as unique dinning concepts and in-vogue bars.


The Lifestyle Pullman Bangkok Hotel G features 469 design rooms ranging from its stylish Deluxe Rooms to modern Suite rooms with views over Bangkok Skyline.

Types of Rooms

Deluxe Room, Executive Room, Suite Room

Room Amenities

Wi-FI Access, Ipod and Iphone docking station, LCD Television, Spacious bathrooms with separated bathtub and shower, Roger & Gallet bathroom amenities


The Stylish Pullman Bangkok Hotel G features cutting edge restaurants and bar which have become the latest meeting points for young executives who like to have fun.

Restaurant & Bars, Playground, Executive Club Lounge, Spa & Fitness, Swimming Pool


Pullman Bangkok Hotel G Bangkok

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