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Hotels > Thailand >  Chiang Mai >  Rachamankha Chiang Mai

Rachamankha Chiang Mai

Rachamankha Chiang Mai is a great boutique hotel in Chaing Mai. Rachamankha, the leading luxury boutique hotel, does not reveal itself to the passerby, but excites curiosity and creates a receptive mood. Only after passing through the hotel forecourt, the Zen-like simplicity and sophistication of the colonnaded courtyards welcome guests to the world of serenity and contentment. The hotel distinctive architecture aesthetic is inspired by the eleventh centuries B.C. vernacular Chinese dwellings, from which Northern Thai architecture has its roots. Rachamankha was designed by Thai architect Ong-ard Satrabhandhu in the style of residential living to encourage a genuine feel for the history and culture of Lanna Chiang Mai. A leisure walk reveals hidden courtyards and gardens where unexpected surprises and captivating spaces are to be found on every turn.

Rachamankha Hotel Chiang Mai - Restaurant


Rachamankha has 25 rooms, from 1 to 26: in keeping with tradition there is no room number 13. There are 3 types of room; 18 superior rooms, 4 deluxe rooms and 2 suites. No, there’s no mistake, we do have 25 rooms—suite 24 can be converted into 2 rooms, a deluxe room and a superior room if required.

Room Amenities

LCD Television, DVD-player, Air-conditioning,  Mini-bar, Electronic in-room safe, Free Wireless Internet, Bathroom amenties, Writing desk

Rachamankha Hotel Chiang Mai - Room 


Restaurant; Thai and international cuisine, Bars, Swimming pool, Pool spa, In-house massages, Library, Laundry service, Free Wireless Internet

Rachamankha Chiang Mai

From € 164 p.r.
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