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Hotels > Thailand >  Koh Chang >  Ramayana Resort and Spa Koh Chang

Ramayana Resort and Spa Koh Chang

Ramayana Resort, Koh Chang is located on the central trip of Koh Chang Island on Chaiyachet-Klong Prao Beach. The Flight from Bangkok is just 45 minutes by the Bangkok Airways.

The Resort is only 30 minutes from Ao Thamachart Pier.
There is a wide rage facility at the Resort including a swimming pool, and shuttle bus service to tourist attraction areas. A trip up to Bang Bao fishing village shopping and wandering fresh seafood dining is easy, but the most popular excursion is marine activity at neighboring islands, Koh Rang, Koh Wai, Koh Yuak, Koh Kradad and several Islands, which are all easily accessible by speed boat.


Room Types

Hanuman Resident, Ravana Resident, Rama Resident,

Room facilities

Twin or King size bed, Private Patio, Individual Controlled Air Conditioning;, Satellite TV, Mini bar, Tea / Coffee Making Facilities (daily refill), Hot and Cold Shower, Hair Dryer, Bathrobe & Slippers, Safety box in room, Welcome drink upon arrival, Welcome deluxe fruit platter, Daily buffet breakfast for two persons



Pool, Pool service, Private beach, Spa, Restaurants, Beach activities, Tour desk, Candle Light Dinner at the beach

Ramayana Resort and Spa Koh Chang

From € 57 p.r.
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