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Hotels > Thailand >  Koh Lanta >  Rawi Warin Resort & Spa - Koh Lanta

Rawi Warin Resort & Spa - Koh Lanta


The Rawi Warin Resort and Spa is a full facility luxurious resort set overlooking the hills and ocean of Koh Lanta.  Rawi Warin Resort & Spa, one of the deluxe resorts in Lanta Island offers discerning guests sumptuous luxury and the very finest in Thai hospitality with its unique setting at the foot of Lanta Yai hills and overlooking the crystal waters of Klong Tob Bay.


Rawi Warin Resort & Spa features 183 luxury hotel rooms and villas with 4 suites. Infused with authentic Thai style and set seamlessly amidst the inspiring natural landscape of Koh Lanta, these seaview rooms and luxury villas offer the perfect hotel accommodations from which to enjoy an island holiday.

Room type : Deluxe Room, Pond Room, Villa and Sunset Pool Villa


Room Amenities : Individual control Air conditioning, Coffee & Tea making facilities, Cotton bath robe and slippers, Bathroom with full amenities, Bathtub, separate rain-shower, Personal in room safe, Mini-bar refrigerator, Satellite color TV, Smoke detector, Large Balcony, IDD telephone, Hair dryer, Balcony


Facilities : Fitness Centre, Spa and Wellness Centre, Outdoor Pool, Tennis Courts, Babysitting, Childrens Facilities - Kids Club, Restaurant, Car Park, Bar, Library and Games Room.

Rawi Warin Resort & Spa - Koh Lanta

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