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Hotels > Thailand >  Koh Kood >  Shantaa Resort Koh Kood

Shantaa Resort Koh Kood

Shantaa Resort Koh-Kood is located at Ao Tapao, just north of the pier. We have a beach, hill and a private canal. And we are about 80 Km away from Trad town. Kood island (Koh Kood) is the last island of the east and it's the 4th largest island of Thailand. There are waterfalls and forests. Koh Kood is still considered a virgin island. There are no banks, malls, convenient stores or any signs of modernization on the island (yet).

We are very fortunate to be located in one of the most beautiful and pristine locations of Kood Island, where we have a small hill, beach and a private canal. You can watch the beautiful sunset almost anywhere in our place.

At night, you can watch the moon and the stars before you go to bed. Shantaa is surrounded by endless opportunities for outdoor exploration and fun. And of course, you have the option of doing nothing at all as well.

We put our villas on the high ground to have the best view of Ao-Tapao. You can even watch the sunset right from your bed. Every villa has one bedroom, air-conditioned with a private terrace.

Types of Rooms

Shantaa Villa, Shantaa Sweet

Room Amenities

Music Player, Closet, Safety Box. Hair Dryer, Fan, flashlight, umbrella, mat & pillows, Basket for used cloths and towels, Private Terrace with day bed, Private open garden bathroom, Rain Shower with hot & cold water, Towel & herbal amenities set exclusively by Shantaa, To be totally rested, we purposely left out in-room TV, No in-room mini bar & fridge. Coffee corner available at the restaurant, Non-Smoking room


Small Beach, Restaurant, Bar, Massage Cabin, Reading Room, Sunset Deck

Shantaa Resort Koh Kood

From € 117 p.r.
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