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Terms & Conditions of VisitThailand.Travel

Terms & Conditions:

  1. All documents issued by Win-Win (Asia) Co., Ltd. or any of its subsidiaries are the property of Win-Win (Asia) Co., Ltd. located in Bangkok, Thailand. The terms and conditions stated within will be in effect when a payment of any amount has been made to Win-Win Asia Co., Ltd.  

  2. The quotation and proposal documents do not represent any reservation or bookings of or for any services stated until payment is made. 
    Please refer to clause 4.

    a).       The information stated on the documents is not definitive and are only valid for the duration of 14 days of issuing the documents.

    b).      All prices quoted are subjected to change without notice due to surcharges outside our control including but not limited to tax, fuel prices, exchange rates  and insurance policies.

  3. Win-Win (Asia) Co., Ltd. does not provide cancellation insurance. Alternative insurance policy can be sought after at the clients own discrepancy.

    a).       The cancellation terms are as follows:

    1).     The 5% activation fee is non-refundable.

    2).     Before 30 days or more prior to the start of service will incur a 20% cancellation cost of the total payment.

    3).     Within 8 to 30 days prior to the start of service will incur a 50% cancellation cost of the total payment.

    4).     Within 7 days prior to the start of service will incur a 100% cancellation cost of the total payment.

    b).       The cancellation terms stated in clause 3a are subjected to change based on what costs may be reclaimed from services booked. 

    1).     In the event that the cost of services booked are non-refundable, cannot be cancelled or rescheduled and exceeds the cancellation cost stated
     in clause 3a, we then reserve the rights to refund the amount after costs.

    c).       Should the client be unable to travel due to any reason, the amount paid may be kept on credit that is for use in future bookings  with Win-Win (Asia) Co., Ltd. or any of its subsidiaries and is transferable to other parties at the payers’ discretion and is referred to as a “postponement”.

    1).    The amount credited may not be the sum of the amount paid due to operation costs, overheads and the suppliers policy in  postponement/cancellation/rescheduling of the booking. 

  4. Confirmation and booking of services will not be executed until the following conditions have been met:

    a).       Confirmation of services proposed or quoted will not be issued until a minimum payment 5% referred to as the “activation fee” has been paid.

    b).       25% of the payment is required to be made within 7 days after the confirmation has been issued.

    1).     In the event that payment is made past the duration of 7 days, the cost of confirmed services proposed or quoted are subject to change and
     charged to your account.

    2).     In the event that the proposed services are not available for the specified period, alternatives will be provided within the same, lower or higher
     price range for approval by the client and charged to the final invoice.

    c).       70% of the remaining payment referred to as the “final invoice” is required to be paid 30 days prior to arrival.

    1).     On confirmation from our bank of the payment made, we will issue all tickets, vouchers and itinerary 7 days prior to arrival.

    2).     In the case that the amount paid is insufficient, tickets and vouchers will not be issued until the amount has been settled.

    d).     Any additional changes to the proposed proposal and quotation on the client request after 30% of the payment has been made may incur
     additional charges.

  5. Payment of services proposed and quoted:

    a).       In the case of credit card payments, an additional bank charge fee of 3% will be incurred.

    1).    Credit card payments will be charged in the local currency of Thai baht (THB) and the estimated amount in euros (EUR) will be indicated on the  Payment Order form based on the exchange rate of issuing the document based on Thai banks currency exchange rates.

    b).       In the case of international bank transfers, the cost of transfer will be absolved by the client.

    1).    In the event of a refund, the cost of bank transfer (domestic and international) will be absolved by the client and the exchange rate based on the  day the bank transfer is processed.

    2).    All payments made can be sent in euros (EUR) or in Thai baht (THB).


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