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Day tours > Thailand >  Bangkok >  Bangkok City Flash, Thailand - Private

Bangkok City Flash, Thailand - Private

From € 60 p.p. 60

 A recommended private program in Bangkok, Thailand called Bangkok City Flash. This is our own designed program. Discover parts of Bangkok you would never imagined!!!


Our unique Bangkok City Flash is designed for those travelers that want to experience Bangkok their own way with the help of a local guide!  A unique experience and a definate recommendation of VisitThailand.Travel. 

From your hotel you will leave with a local taxi to the rich part of Bangkok. From there you will travel a bit with the most efficient and comfortable public transportation Bangkok offers, the sky train. Afterwards a long tail boat trip over the Chao Phraya River and connecting klongs (little side rivers), the magnificent river that runs through Bangkok Next you will leave for the Grand Palace and after a visit to the Grand Palace you will take a Tuk Tuk to Bangkok's China Town where you enjoy a dim sum lunch. After lunch you will be escorted back to your hotel.


From € 60 p.p. 60

Bangkok City Flash, Thailand - Private

From € 60 p.p.
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