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Day tours > Thailand >  Bangkok >  Bangkok City Flash, Thailand - Private

Bangkok City Flash, Thailand - Private

From € 63 p.p. 63

A recommended private program in Bangkok, Thailand called Bangkok City Flash. This is our own designed program. Discover parts of Bangkok you would never imagined!!!


Our unique Bangkok City Flash is designed for those travelers that want to experience Bangkok their own way with the help of a local guide!  A unique experience whereby you privately travel through this metropole using various modes of transport.

From your hotel you will leave with a local taxi to the most expensive real estate priced part of Bangkok. From here we walk a bit through the back streets, a local community, street shopping market and we step up on the Skytrain.

Zoom above the city and witness how Bangkok slowly turns into another western city with many skyscrapers. Arrive at the River of Kings 'The Chao Phraya River', where a private longtail boat awaits you to continue the journey over the river and through the back canals of Thonburi. See the live of the locals on the river and on the canals which is in strong contrast with the 'Western' lifestyle so many Bangkokians live in the inner city. Make some stops on the way and visit the King's Royal Barges. After continue to the the Tha Chang pier to get off and walk through a local market to the Magnificent Grand Palace and the most holy temple of Thailand the 'Wat Phra Kaew' with the largets Emerald Buddha inside. Spend about 1 hour in the temple grounds and depart by Tuk Tuk to Chinatown.

Here we have our local Dim Sum lunch and experience the busy lifestyle of many Thai-Chinese people living and working in this very crowded part of the city. After the lunch we have time to stroll around through small back alleys, fresh markets and hidden tempels. We walk to the Wat Traimit where the 'Golden Buddha' is situated and after a brief visit we will depart by private transport back to your 2nd home away from home...your hotel. Now its time to take a rest and reflect of this very impressive day full of sounds, colors, smells, tastes and mixed feelings.


A tour which should not be missed while you are in Bangkok.

From € 63 p.p. 63

Bangkok City Flash, Thailand - Private

From € 63 p.p.
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