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Hotels > Thailand >  Kanchanaburi/River Kwai >  Home Phutoey River Kwai Resort

Home Phutoey River Kwai Resort

From € 66 p.r. 66
River Kwai in Kanchanaburi is a fast emerging popular nature tourist destination near Bangkok due to its famous historic River Kwai and fertile thick green jungle like nowhere else in Thailand. Home Phutoey River Kwai Resort discovered the gem which combining outstanding cultural beauty with fertile nature and settled on this best-you-can-find piece of land by the River Kwai.

Situated in Sai Yok, Home Phutoey River Kwai Resort is on a river and regional attractions include Erawan National Park.

Conserved traditional style of log home to modern facilities, Home Phutoey River Kwai Resort in Kanchanaburi appoints the most fascinating ‘Boutique Log Cabin Home” style to serve family, couple and corporate travelers around the world. Besides the enormous area by the River Kwai, this nature friendly resort makes the finest destination for every kind of nature friendly activities in River Kwai ; hard or soft adventure, birding, jungle trekking, elephant ride, water bicycle, kayaking, mountain biking, camping, natural mineral hotspring, war museum and many more. Moreover, Treetop Adventure Park at the adventure park will defnitely boost your adrenalin like never before.

Room Amenities
Air conditioning
Coffee/tea maker
Complimentary toiletries
Daily housekeeping
Hair dryer
Standard TV service

Hotspring Pool
Swimming Pool
Traditional Thai Massage
Meeting Room
Free Car Park
On-site Security
Doctor on call
Laundry Service
Transfer Service
Medical Assistance
Daily Housekeeping
Tour & Sightseeing
Airport Transfer Service
WiFi Internet
(main areas)
From € 66 p.r. 66

Home Phutoey River Kwai Resort

From € 66 p.r.
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