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Short Programs > Thailand >  Bangkok >  2 Days • River Kwai - Delight Program

2 Days • River Kwai - Delight Program

Explore the area of the River Kwai with this wonderful program and discover Kanchanaburi close to Bangkok. 
Day 1 - Bangkok to Kanchanaburi
Early morning joined shuttle transfer to Kanchanaburi Province , located 128 km west of the capital . Visit the interactive information and research centre dedicated to the role of the railway and Kanchanaburi during World War II museum. You will then head to the Allied war cemetery. The morning program will conclude with the most famous attractions of Kanchanaburi, the world-famous bridge on the River Kwai, built by Allied prisoners of war.
Take a long tail boat to get to one of the selected hotels: Jungle Rafts, Resotel or the FloatHouse , the landscapes are beautiful, you are totally immersed in the jungle. Lunch served on arrival.

In the afternoon , take a boat ride downstream to Resotel Pier and continue to visit the Hell Fire Pass Memorial. The rest of the day is free so that you can explore the surroundings. Dinner and traditional dance .
Day 2 - Kanchanaburi
Visit My Village is a tribal village where you can enjoy local food and immerse yourself in traditional Thai universe. You can also choose for a ride on an elephant or a hike in the jungle.
Lunch in a local restaurant. The afternoon begins with a historical tour , a train journey on the dealth Railway ( = rails death) which is a large wooden viaduct built by the prisoners.
Finally afternoon , the adventure ends, return to Bangkok and joined shuttle transfer to your hotel .
River Kwai Bridgemon dance
The three selected hotels offer three different experiments 
The first hotel is the most adventurous Jungle Rafts Resort on the River Kwai. It is a traditional experience and closeness to nature . There is no electricity and the rooms are close to the river. Worth a visit !

Resotel River Kwai offers a natural and beautiful scenery along the River Kwai. There are many leisure activities available at the hotel.

Finally, if you want to pamper yourself with a luxury hotel next to the famous River Kwai, FloatHouse is the right place to go! Made entirely of teak and bamboo , decorated with wooden furniture. It is an extraordinary floating hotel.

2 Days • River Kwai - Delight Program

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