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Day tours > Thailand >  Chiang Mai >  Khantoke Dinner and Dance, Chiang Mai

Khantoke Dinner and Dance, Chiang Mai

From € 18 p.p. 18
Khantoke, customary Northern Thai style of eating food is served on large platters . As you enjoy your meal, let yourself be entertained by a selection of Northern Cultural performances

One of the most famous northern foods in Chiang Mai is the Khantoke dinner. Dinners will sit on the floor and share a selection of tasty dishes, accompanied with sticky rice. All guests will enjoy a superb Northern Thai Dinner, consisting of small bowl dishes while local dancers, dressed in traditional clothing, entertain your with the Sword Dance, Candle dance, Fingernail dance and The Rumwong where guests are invited to participate. After dinner, there will be a special hill tribe show featuring the various hill tribes of Northern Thailand. This is an excellent opportunity to see a number of tribes in costume. (Duration: 2.5 hours)
Everyday / at Night. 
From € 18 p.p. 18

Khantoke Dinner and Dance, Chiang Mai

From € 18 p.p.
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