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Hotels > Thailand >  Ayuthaya >  Krungsri River Hotel - Ayuthaya

Krungsri River Hotel - Ayuthaya

From € 56 p.r. 56

The Krungsri River, a luxurious four-star hotel with great heritage, is nestled in the energy and excitement of the ancient city of Ayutthaya. A city once was a capital of the majestic kingdom of Thailand and a place where thousands of people visit every day.


The luxurious nine-storied hotel which opened on October 2 ,1993 , located on the Pa-Sak River Bank in Ayutthaya – one of Thailand’s most beautiful areas of World Heritage Sites and an exciting fascinating province and city, just 70 kilometers from Bangkok International Airport

All 204 rooms are first class standard, with satellite/cable TV, direct dial telephone, personal electronic safe, mini bar, marble bathroom, and luxurious furnishings. Air-Conditioning is individually controlled to suit each guest’s own requirements.


Rooms Type

  • Luxury  room
  • Siam  Classic Sutie
  • Executive Suite

Room Amenities

  • Refreshment center/ Refrigerator
  • Air conditioned Room
  • Shaver outlet
  • Hair dryer
  • Television with Cable/Satellite
  • Bath amenities
  • Duvet cover
  • In-Room Electronic Safe
  • Wake-up Service
  • Laundry/Valet Service
  • City view/ River view/Pool view room
  • Heat detector in room
  • Domestic and International direct telephone line
  • Two telephone in bedroom & bathroom
  • Wireless High Speed Internet room available upon request(Charge)
  • Key tag power control unit
  • In-room dining menu
  • 2 complimentary bottled water
  • Extra bed and crib (available upon request)
  • Safety latch on Guest Room Door
  • Maid Service
  • Complimentary National newspaper (available in Lobby area 


  • Snooker Club & Bowling Center;
  • Fitness Center;
  • Traditional Thai Massage & Foot Massage;
  • Shopping Arcade


From € 56 p.r. 56

Krungsri River Hotel - Ayuthaya

From € 56 p.r.
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