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Journeys > Thailand >     14 days Road trip " Down South"

14 days Road trip " Down South"

From € 779 p.p. 779

Bangkok - Hua Hin - Pranburi - Prachuab Khiri Khan - Chumphon - Khao Sok - Krabi - Phuket

VisitThailand.travel wants to offer her clients something totally different and very exciting! A road trip to Thailand. After you arrived in Bangkok you get a private transfer to Hua Hin from here your journey will start. With a nice 4-wheel-drive rental car you will drive yourself all the way “Down South”. We have planned a route and booked a 3 or 4-star hotel for you, but the way you will plan your day or where you want to stop, what you want to visit is up to you! Pure freedom!! We have created a route that passes all the nice nature parks, local villages and your trip ends up with some relaxing days on the beautiful beaches of Krabi and Phuket


Day 1 - Bangkok
Arrival on Suvarnabhumi Airport, welcome and private transfer to your centrally located hotel in the City of Bangkok. Overnight.

Day 2 - Bangkok (Breakfast)
After Breakfast, free at leisure. Overnight in Bangkok.

Day 3 - Bangkok – Hua Hin (Breakfast)
After breakfast, your car will be delivered to your hotel and you will receive all the instructions for your overland self-drive adventure down south. Travel on the high way from Bangkok to Hua Hin via Samut Songkhran, Phetchburi and Cha - Am to Hua Hin. Overnight in Hua Hin

Day 4 - Hua – Hin (Breakfast)
After breakfast, time to explore Hua Hin and surrounding. You can visit the Hua Hin Vineyard, waterfalls or travel to Sam Roi Yot National park. Overnight in Hua Hin.

Day 5 - Hua Hin- Pranburi- Kui Buri - Prachuab Khiri Khan - 70 KM (Breakfast)
After breakfast drive to Pranburi, Kui Buri and continue to Prachuab Khiri Khan. Visit the national park of Kui Buri to spot wild elephants. Overnight Prachuab Khiri Khan.


Day 6 - Prachuab – Chumpon - 187 KM (Breakfast)
After breakfast at the hotel, you will drive from Prachuab Khiri Khan to Chumpon. Overnight at Chumpon hotel.

Day 7 - Chumpon –Khao Sok – 352 KM (Breakfast)
After breakfast, you will leave Chumpon to continue your journey and drive from Chumpon to Khao Sok national and overnight in Khao Sok.

Day 8 - Khao Sok (Breakfast)
After breakfast, free at leisure in  Khao Sok. Overnight in Paradise Resort Khao Sok.


Day 9 - Khao Sok – Krabi – 152 KM (Breakfast)
After breakfast, you will drive from Khao Sok to Krabi. Overnight in Krabi.

Day 10 - Krabi (Breakfast)
After breakfast the whole day to relax at the beautiful beaches of Krabi. Overnight in Krabi.


Day 11 - Krabi -  Phuket – 190 KM (Breakfast)
After breakfast, you will drive from Krabi to Phuket. Overnight Phuket.

Day 12 to 13  Phuket (Breakfast)
After Breakfast, free at leisure. Overnight Phuket.

Day - 14 Phuket– Bangkok(Breakfast)
After breakfast, drive to Phuket airport to deliver back the rental car.

* End of the Journey *


From € 779 p.p. 779

14 days Road trip " Down South"

From € 779 p.p.
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