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Journeys > Thailand >     16 days Road trip " Up North"

16 days Road trip " Up North"

From € 657 p.p. 657

VisitThailand.travel offers a Road trip through Thailand that you will never forget! Start off in Bangkok and drive all the way “up North” to Chiang Mai, no guide no personal driver your the boss! We have picked a route for you that pass all the main highlights of this beautiful area of Thailand. It goes through ancient cities, temples, rice fields, and some stunning viewpoints. In this program, we coordinated the main route, booked 3 or 4-star hotels for you, but you are totally free to fill in the day exactly how you want it. We indicate some nice national parks, temples, jungles, waterfalls but you’re the one that decides what you’re going to do...

thailand-ayutthaya-bangkokDay 1 - Bangkok
Arrival in Bangkok. Get on a private transfer to your Bangkok Hotel. Overnight in Bangkok.

Day 2 - Bangkok (Breakfast)
After Breakfast, free at leisure. Overnight in Bangkok.

Day 3 - Bangkok - Ayutthaya (Breakfast)
After breakfast, free at leisure until the pick-up time of the rental car. The self-drive journey starts with a short ride to Ayutthaya. Here you can visit al the highlights of this ancient city. Overnight in Ayutthaya.

Day 4 - Ayutthaya – Petchaboon (Breakfast)
After breakfast, continue your journey and first pass Lopburi one of the oldest cities in Thailand. Then continue to Petchaboon province, known for its scenic mountain views. Overnight Petchaboon.

Day 5 - Petchaboon to Sukhothai (Breakfast)
After breakfast, drive through the mountains and after onwards to the old capital of Sukhothai National Historical Park where you will find beautiful temples. This National Historical Park is World Heritage since 1991. Overnight in Sukhothai.


Day 6 - Sukhothai to Lampang (Breakfast)
After Breakfast, resume your journey and go from Sukhothai to Sri Satchanalai if you want you can go into the Sri Satchanalai national, the Royal Forest Department proclaimed a National Park on the 8th May 1981 as Thailand’s 26th National Park. The total area is about 213.2 sq.km. The park is comprised of rich forests that provide an important watershed for the surrounding agricultural area or continues your way to Lampang. Overnight Lampang.

Day 7 - Lampang to Nan (Breakfast)
After breakfast, Leave Lampang behind and head the lovely area of Nan. Overnight in Nan.

Day 8 - Nan to Chiang Rai (Breakfast)

After breakfast, we will go from Nan via Payao to Chiang Rai, here you can visit the Phra Kaeo, or Emerald Buddha, the most revered Buddha statue, was discovered in Chiang Rai when an earthquake split the Chedi at Wat Phra Kaeo of Chiang Rai City. Overnight at Chiang Rai.

Day 9 - Chiang Rai
After breakfast, free at leisure. Overnight in Chiang Rai.


Day 10 - Chiang Rai – Chiang Mai (Breakfast)
After breakfast at the hotel, we will go down again to the famous city Chiang Mai. Overnight in Chiang Mai.

Day 11 - Chiang Mai (Breakfast)
After breakfast, free at leisure Chiang Mai is the biggest city in the North so there is plenty to do. Overnight in Chiang Mai.

thailand-rentalcar-rise-fieldDay 12 - Chiang Mai to Hua Hin (Breakfast)
After breakfast, it is time to hand in the car at Chiang Mai airport. Here you will take a domestic flight back to Bangkok. Directly after arrival in Bangkok, a private transfer will wait for you at the airport and bring you to Hua Hin. Overnight in Hua Hin

Day 13 to 15 – Hua Hin (Breakfast)
After breakfast, you can do whatever you want, relax on the beach, get a massage so whatever you feel like. Overnight Hua Hin


Day 16 - Hua Hin – Bangkok
After breakfast, you will have time for yourself till pick-up time for a private transfer to Bangkok airport for flight back home.

This program can be altered as per your wishes.


From € 657 p.p. 657

16 days Road trip " Up North"

From € 657 p.p.
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