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Hotels > Thailand >  Koh Chang >  The Dewa Resort Koh Chang

The Dewa Resort Koh Chang

From € 112 p.r. 112

The Dewa Koh Chang sits on a private beach in Ko Chang, within easy reach of Kai Bae Beach, Klong Plu Waterfall, and Lonely Beach.

Distinctively different and absolute unique is how we describe The DEWA Koh Chang. With its famous fusion architecture The DEWA blends with rustic, tropical  and modern contemporary elements and celebrates in perfection the harmony with its surrounding of the beautiful Klong Prao Beach.


The Dewa Koh Chang is located on the finest Klong Prao beachfront, 23 kilometres from the pier on the west coast. Traveling time by flight (by Bangkok Airways) from Bangkok International Airport to Trat Airport is just 40 minutes. The ferry service to Koh Chang is located at Ao Thammachat pier. The ferries depart daily every 30 minutes to Ao Supparod pier in Koh Chang from 6.30 hrs. to 19.00 hrs. Traveling time is 30 minutes.

With the concept of rustic tropical, The Dewa Koh Chang is where rustic architecture and tropical environment are intensively explored in the celebratory manner. Each of 40 deluxe room, 17 private villas and 2 grand villas proudly show up its being distinctively different.

  • The Dewa Deluxe
  • The Dewa Villa
  • The Dewa Grand Villa


Room Amenities

Individually controlled air conditioning, King size or twin bed upon request, Walk-in style bathroom, Bathroom amenities, Bathtub with separated shower stall, DVD Player, Minibar, Satellite TV, Mosquito net, Bathrobes, slippers, Hair dryer, Electronic safe, Private balcon

From € 112 p.r. 112

The Dewa Resort Koh Chang

From € 112 p.r.
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