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Journeys > Vietnam >  Hanoi >  7 days Vietnam North-East Off The Beaten Track - Private

7 days Vietnam North-East Off The Beaten Track - Private

From € 405 p.p. 405

Journey off the beaten track in Vietnam to the Chinese frontier and discover a region rich in natural beauty only few travelers have ever experienced. From the lush tropical rainforests and limestone peaks of Ba Be National Park, to the rugged mountains of Cao Bang province and the busy border town of Lang Son you will be awed by the spectacular grace of the region’s unspoilt landscapes.

DAY 1 Ha Noi Arrive (-)
On arrival at Noi Bai Airport, we will be met and transferred to your hotel where we will have a welcome drink and tour briefing.

DAY 2  Ha Noi - Ba Be (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
Traveling through the rural patchwork of rice fields, we begin our ascent into tea plantation covered mountains. Spectacular vistas and tiny farming communities punctuate our route as we make our way to the town of Cho Ra and the gateway to Ba Be National Park. Breakfast, lunch and dinner is included and overnight in a stilt house.

DAY 3  Ba Be (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
After breakfast, Paddling by canoe, we explore the beauty of Ba Be lakes including Puong Grotto, Dau Dang Falls and glimpse the paradise of bird and animal life, which populates the area. A short trek brings us to the stilt houses of the friendly Tay minority people to enjoy their warm hospitality. Lunch and dinner and overnight in a stilt house.

DAY 4  Ba Be - Cao Bang (breakfast, lunch)
After breakfast, we travel through increasingly rugged terrain, the visual rewards of this mountainous area are plentiful. From Cao Bang town we head out to Pac Bo Cave where President Ho Chi Minh lived for four years, planning the revolution while hiding from enemies. Lunch is included and overnight in a hotel in Cao Bang.


DAY 5  Cao Bang - Lang Son (breakfast, lunch)
After breakfast drive through Scenic and mountainous, Lang Son province is an area populated by minority groups living as they have for hundreds of years. We also pass through Dong Khe and That Khe, important battlefields of the Indochina war, before arriving into the trading post of Lang Son. Lunch and overnight in Lang Son.

DAY 6  Lang Son - Ha Noi (breakfast, lunch)
After breakfast, this morning we visit the remarkable cave of Tam Thanh and 18th Century poetry carved into the stone. Heading back to the bustle of Ha Noi we have time this evening to celebrate and reflect on our great adventure in the remote north. Lunch and overnight in Hanoi.

DAY 7  Ha Noi Depart (breakfast)
After breakfast, free at leisure until transferring to the airport for an ongoing flight.


 *** End of your journey off the beaten track ***

If you like to amend the journey, please do let us know. This is just a sample journey but we can make changes based on your wishes, budget and travel time.

From € 405 p.p. 405

7 days Vietnam North-East Off The Beaten Track - Private

From € 405 p.p.
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